The Truth About Cialis and Drug Testing

The drug Cialis can sometimes be restricted in terms of drug tests for various things such as jobs. Here’s a guide as to what the drug is and the truth about how it relates to drug testing.


What is Cialis?

tadalafil-imageCialis is a prescription drug also known as Tadalafil. The purpose of it is to treat erectile dysfunction, or having trouble getting an erection, in men. The drug can also help treat other problems like having an enlarged prostate, or having high blood pressure in your lungs. This means that the drug can actually be used by women as well, so it’s not just men who may have it in their systems. This is why it’s important for both men and women to pay attention to how it might affect drug tests.



One thing that’s at least worth noting is that the drug has to have a prescription in order for you to be legally allowed to have it. Therefore, if you end up in a situation in which you have to prove that you have a prescription for a drug that you showed positive for on a drug test, you may be in a considerable amount of trouble if you can’t prove that you actually have that prescription. This is one of the first things you should worry about.


Time in Your System

Another thing to pay attention to is how long the drug is in your system. If you know for sure that Cialis is something that will be tested for, then you should pay attention to this. However, generally drugs like this don’t last in your system longer than a few days at the very most. AS a result, if you just stop use for a few days, it should clear up in your system fairly quickly and then you won’t have to worry about anything like this ever showing up in your body during a test. You will pass it out through your urine fairly quickly because this is how your body tends to operate in general.


Tests for Cialis

hypertension-imageIn general, most workplaces don’t really test for something like Cialis because it’s so specialized, and because it focuses on something that is a legitimate health concern, specifically hypertension. It helps to actually read the guide for your test to see what drugs they are testing for. Another thing to pay attention to is the fact that Cialis is actually not illegal as long as you have a prescription.


Many other drugs are illegal, and this is half the reason why you have to get tested for them in the first place. But since Cialis isn’t in most countries under the right context, you may not have anything to really worry about. It pays to look at exactly what the test is. Employment tests won’t tend to emphasize something like Cialis since it has no bearing on employment, especially because Cialis isn’t illegal and because it isn’t the type of drug you really use purely recreationally by itself.

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How to Prevent a False Positive Drug Test

The last thing that you want to have happen while you’re taking a drug test for employment is to run into a false positive. There are some things that can make it look like you’re on an illegal drug when you aren’t. Here’s a guide for the importance of avoiding false positives as well as how to do it.


The Importance of Avoiding False Positives

It’s unfortunate, but the responsibility of avoiding a false positive on a drug test is largely going to fall on you. After all, the employers have no other way to confirm whether you are actually on the drug they banned.

If you get a positive drug test result, they are simply going to think that you are on that drug, end of story. This means that you need to be aware of the potential false positive hazards beforehand to avoid them.

Because otherwise, the employer is just not going to trust you anymore and you will usually have no chance of getting the job.


False Positive Likelihood

According to some studies, the possibility of you getting a false positive on a drug test is actually as high as 10%. This is why you need to pay attention to the various things that could cause them beforehand. Having an understanding of how to avoid the test after the fact is going to be largely useless, after all.


Things to Avoid
painkillers-drug-testingExamples of things that can cause false positive tests include cold medications and certain antidepressants. These drugs can show up like an amphetamine on a drug test. Additionally, some antidepressants and painkillers can look like benzodiazepine on a drug test.

There are actually quite a few things like this. It will all depend on exactly what you’re being tested for. An example is how some antibiotics can look like opium or other drugs derived from opium such as heroin or other painkillers that are controlled.

Controlled substances are usually that way because it’s possible to abuse them, gain a dependency on them, and then have this negatively affect your behavior. This is why employers often screen for drugs in the first place.

It may be possible to convince employers of a false positive due to using drugs like antibiotics or painkillers that aren’t actually the kind of thing that create dependence. In some situations, you may be able to get employers to let you retake the test.


Target Specific Tests

poppy0seed0muffinsThe main thing that you need to do is understand beforehand exactly what drugs you’ll be tested for. This way you can figure out all of the things that could give a false positive. For example, something as innocuous as poppy seed muffins could create a false positive on an opiate test.

They are actually interested in you being addicted to painkillers that make you unable to work. They don’t actually care especially about your muffin habits. The important thing is to choose what you put into your body carefully during days when you will be tested.

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Jamaica Doping Probe

11 Things To Do To Pass A Drug Exam

  1. Drink!

Flushing your system out by drinking lots of fluid, especially water, is the simplest, cheapest and most successful way to pass a drug test. Urine tests measure the amount of metabolites in your urine and drinking lots of water will encourage your body to produce metabolites that aren’t affected by drugs. Be sure to remember to not over hydrate. Even though it takes a lot of fluid to drink too Diureticsmuch to cause damage your internal organs, it can end in death.

  1. Diuretics

Taking diuretics help your body get rid of excess water and sodium in your system. Midol is recommended as it’s more effective than coffee or diet pills. Midol is effective at ridding your body of the water that contains the metabolites that are affected by drugs as well.

This video explains more on the general idea:


  1. Stream is important

When you are taking your drug test, when you take the sample actually does matter. Don’t immediately take the sample as soon as you start to pee as this is when your pee contains the most metabolites. Try taking the sample mid-stream or at the end. Try and urinate before the drug test as well as the first time you pee in the morning will contain the most metabolites.

  1. Aspirin is your friend

Taking aspirin a few hours before the test could help you get a false positive. A study has found that taking four aspirin before the test can affect the results of the test. Four aspirin may be above the recommended dosage but if you have no other health problems, these shouldn’t affect you negatively.

  1. Zinc

Many people have reported that they have successfully passed a drug test after taking small doses of zinc sulfate. Zinc is meant to work by bonding the metabolites together turning them into fecal matter instead of showing up in urine. Taking 250 mg of zinc sulfate the night before your test, limiting what you eat and then taking the same dose again in the morning may give you the result you want. Be careful to not take anymore than this however as it can harmful side effects if you overdose yourself.

  1. Spike it!

This should really be used as a last resort but if you have no other choice you can try to spike the urine. Bleach, detergent and blood are all capable of throwing off the test results in order to buy you more time. This can be extremely risky if you get caught so make sure you come up with creative a way to smuggle it in.

  1. Substitution

While this can also be risky, substituting your own urine for someone else’s clean urine is a sure way for you to pass a drug test. However the risky part of using this method is that cheating is rarely forgiven and if you get busted the consequences can be dire. The other issue is that making sure the clean urine sample is body temperature as most drug testers will check this. Having the bag of clean urine strapped to your skin in a place that isn’t noticeable and doesn’t make noise when you move is probably your best bet.

  1. Exercise

As metabolites are stored in your fat cells, if you have a little warning before your drug test, exercising can help rid your body of excess drugs in your system. The more you burn, the higher your metabolism and the faster that you’re getting rid of the affected metabolites in your system. This may be enough to get rid of enough metabolites to give your a negative result on your test.

  1. Detox Drinks

Dexton drinks should be used with caution. There’s not much known about how most of them actually work but there are many products out there advertising that they can guarantee you a negative result. Be careful of the scams out there online though when considering buying detox drinks. Put in some research and find out which ones people have had positive experiences with before making the purchase.

  1. Creatinine

Creatinine-modelOne thing to think about is that whenever you flush yourself out, with whatever method you chose, your creatinine level can suffer. Creatinine is a protein that is excreted in your urine and if your creatinine levels are low, this may tell the tester that you’ve tried to get rid of drugs that were in your system. Monitoring your protein intake in your diet and increasing exercise can be a way to keep them at a normal level.

  1. Sobriety

This is probably the most obvious answer but the only way to absolutely 100% guarantee the result you want on a drug test to abstain from taking drugs for up to 90 days depending on what your drug of choice is.

Many of these same concepts apply to hair follicle drug tests as well…For more on this, click this link: How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test.

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